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Accelerating Manufacturing with Digital Technology and Data Science

The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more challenging as competition is getting strict in the world. Japan, once the world's top runner as a technological superpower, appears to be gradually shrinking its strengths in the face of global technological development and is loosing its appearace in industory. This is due to a variety of factors, including the global spread of low-cost products overseas, difficulties in recruting human resources and transfering skills over generation on technology due to Japan's declining birthrate and aging population, and the shrinking market itself.

We, DiNOV, is committed to solving these problems by making the best use of digital information technology. We will vigorously promote digital transformation (DX) that utilizes digital information technology to revitalize the Japanese manufacturing industry as well as the Japanese economy.

By applying informatics, an information infrastructure, to manufacturing, we are able to increase industrial competitiveness and solve social issues. We are particularly strong in organically combining advanced processing technologies (micromachining) such as lasers and data-driven AI to take manufacturing a step further.

We hope to create a strong future in which all people can have hope.


Moved due to business expansion.
femto-SpotterTM is now available in market. Very tiny droplet can be spotted precisely on target. This is a state of art next generation dispenser system.
We have participated in JST CREST (Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology) for FY2022. "Outstanding Evolution of Advanced Precision Measurement with the Aid of Metrology Standards and Information Science: Development of 10nm Super-Resolution Optical Loupe".
Moved due to business expansion.
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This processing machine is ideal for users who want to experience laser processing easily. Ideas can be converted into data and then processed consistently.


Desktop-type laser processing equipment that condenses advanced technology into a compact package. High-quality processing is achieved using a short-pulse laser.



Dispnsing system for micro additive solution



Digital Fabrication Business

We are an AI micromaching company who can offer micro material processing on both removal and additve solution, based on digital technology such as artificial interlligence(AI).

For reomval solution, we have a lot of experience with laser micro drilling, laser micro cutting and laser micro welding. We are a professional for laser materials processing which the quality is imperative.

For additive solutions, we can offer a state of art dispensing system which can handle with very tiny amount of liquid. The specialized dispensing system, femto-SpotterTM, is a new solution for additve micromachining.

Laser micromachining

Industrial laser micromachining

Dispenser micromachining

Tiny droplet spotting

Digital Communications Business

We solve all communication problems between people, people and machines, people and animals, etc. Communication is very important for information transfer. However, it is also true that there are various challenges. We are going forward with our business so that we can solve these problems.


Dashboard is very effective to understand data at a glance. We provide dashboards that enable effective visualization of information. We make maximum use of graphs, tables, maps, etc., to give you the information you need in a form that is easy to understand and effective.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking system can acquire location information from smartphones and other devices and displays it on a map. Changes in travel distance and altitude can be visualized instantly and let them know to your friends. We can also provide systems for competitions.

Home Page

Effective and creative website is also avaolable wich is indispensable for current marketing to contact your customers.

Data Science Business

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that learns based on data and uses the results to perform human-intelligent tasks such as inference and recognition. Artificial intelligence differs from conventional computer systems in that it can change as it adds data and learns, and it can respond flexibly to changes in the environment and circumstances.

Adjustment of processing parameters for industorial machines using AI

We provide a system that accumulates past machining results as dataset, uses artificial intelligence to learn from this information, and predicts machining results. By incorporating this system as a program, machining results can be predicted on a computer, making it easier to adjust machining parameters.

Image Processing with Artificial Intelligence

With continuous learning models, new data can be added and learned to achieve the desired detection. We can also provide web applications and camera devices that incorporate such artificial intelligence.

Consulting for Artificial Intelligence Development

There are various methods to realize artificial intelligence, and it is necessary to adopt the most appropriate method according to your objectives. We provide consulting services to determine which methods and how they should be developed.

Company Overview

Company Name DiNOV Co., Ltd.
Location #2701 sagamihara incubation center 5-4-30 Nishihashimoto Midori-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0131 Japan
Tel +81-42-379-7566
Establishment September, 2021
CEO Shuichi Dejima, Ph.D
Business Purpose Digital Fab Business, Digital Communications Business, Data Science Business