Ultra Micro droplet dispenser

Droplet transfer mechanism – femto-SpotterTM

With advanced technology, innovative dispensers have been created. We will provide new liquid control technology by greatly improving the shortcomings of conventional dispensers.

To control the volume of fluid precisely is quite difficult but crucial for micro-machining.

femto-SpotterTM is an ultra-micro droplet transfer dispenser which is able to solve your problems at the manufacturing site.

This is a promising technology for manufacturing in future. Inquiries pour in from all over the world!

At a glance by short movie


  • More smaller, more precise, more reliable. A state-of-the-art dispensing system is capable of dispensing ultra-small droplet quantities to meet the demands in the world of industry.

  • femto-SpotterTM can transfer and/or apply a tiny amount of liquid to the exact position.

  • The amount of liquid dispensed with femto-SpotterTM is miniscule, as small as fL (femto-liter). Moreover, it can handle high-viscosity liquids, thus solving the problems of conventional dispensers.

  • femto-SpotterTM is versatile system. It can be used stand-alone or integrated into a system.



Ultrafine dropletA dispenser that can apply liquid in ultrafine amounts (fL, pL, nL) that was previously impossible. Ranging femto-, pico-, nano-, micro-liter droplet can be transferred to substrate with changing some parameters.
High-viscosity liquidsApplicable to various liquids with viscosities ranging from low to high (up to 200,000mPa·s).
AccuracyPrecise application to a specific location (position accuracy: several µm).
Filler compatibilityLiquids containing fillers are available.
No cloggingPushing a needle prevents from clogging
No dead volumeLiquids can be perfectly used down to the last drop.
Compact in sizeThe main body is compact for embedding on other system.
CustomizeWe can offer to customize the dispenser so that it fits to your system.
System integrateDesktop system, fully automated system are available.

Comparison between dispenser type

Tube typeScrew typeJet typefemto-SpotterTM
Droplet size△    > 0.1mm× > 0.2mm× > 0.2mm◎ >0.005mm
Viscosity△    1,000 mPa・s△ 3,000 mPa・s× 100 mPa・s◎ 100,000 mPa・s
Positoning Accucary× ±30µm× ±30µm× ±100µm◎ ±5µm
Dispense speed per second△ 1times ~◎ ~1,000 times〇 several times ~



MethodNeedle transfer method
Volume to be dispensedfL ~ nL*
Transfer diameter5 µm ~ 1 mm*
Viscosity available1 ~ 200,000 mPa・s
Dimension36 mm × 36 mm × 170 mm**
Weightapprox. 200 g
* Depends on the liquid to be dispensed and the material to be coated.
** Excluding protrusions.


Mechanism Overview


  • Needle: a needle that transfers liquid droplets
  • Reservoir: a cylinder that holds the coating liquid
  • Coating liquid: liquid to be applied by the needle is held in the reservoir
  • Coating object: transfers the tiny liquid droplets adhered to the tip of the needle


  • The needle descends inside the reservoir.
  • The needle protrudes from the hole in the reservoir to the outside.
  • Tiny droplets of liquid adhering to the tip of the needle are transferred to the object surface.
  • The needle rises and returns to the reservoir, and moves on to the next coating.



Essential liquid control technology for manufacturing

  • Solder paste, flux
  • Adhesives
  • Ink, glue, paint
  • Electric conductive paste
  • Resist
  • Organic material
  • Polymer solution
  • Micro particle solution

Research and development

  • Expensive and precious liquid
  • Conductive ink pattering
  • Controlling the liquid volume
  • Nano particle solvent
  • Rapid prototyping of polymer MEMs
  • High density optical component prototyping
  • Surface curing in tiny area
  • High precision coating

Solder paste
Dia. φ200µm

Dia. φ100µm

Dia. φ60µm

Ag nano ink
Dia. φ100µm

Dia. φ300µm

Dia. φ150µm

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Dispensing head to system

  • Prototype experiment using a single head
  • Desktop simple system
  • Small lot production integrated into the system
  • Up to full-scale in-line production
  • Precision dispensing system for medicine
  • Volumetric dispensing ccontroller

High-spec mass production systems are also available

  • High precision desktop system
  • Precision Fluid Dispensing table
  • Batch production system
  • Mounting on chip mounters and laser cutting machines

femto-Spotter head line-up : Model A

Micro-droplet dispensing basic type

  • Simple and basic dispensing head
  • Only small volume of liquid is needed for operation
  • Simple operation and big benefit

Micro-droplet long-life dispensing type

  • Suitable for long-life processing
  • Stable operation in long-run
  • The best solution for process development
  • More compact and more reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Long term stability
  • Long term liquid supply function is possible
  • Easy and stable operation for high viscous liquid
  • Ideal system for industrial purpose

femto-Spotter Desktop dispensing system:

Simple dispensing type

  • Simple installation for quick start
  • Feel the high capability of the system
  • Material evaluation, substrate verification

High precision dispensing type

  • Integration of high precision vision system
  • Good alignment for precise spotting
  • Automatic dispense-sensing feature
  • Excellent dispensing result with versatile program software
  • Dual dispensing head system
  • High accurate dispensing positioning
  • Easy liquid exhange
  • High rigidity frame type
  • Stable dispensing over time
  • Housing for ambient control
  • Closed housing view
  • Housing for ambient control
  • Opened housing view

femto-SpotterTM is the best solution for liquid additive micro processing in the world.

Demonstration with your liquid and substrate are welcomed anytime.